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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

For over a decade we've assisted families in efforts of securing missing, runaway, trafficked & exploited individual's. We now offering training to groups and organizations to carry on this work to strengthen impact. BTV also provides resources for families that have been affected by Domestic Violence and Homicides. Our organization now focuses on advocating for the safety and security of women. 


Pursue Peace Annual Memorial Walk

This serves as a platform for the community to come together in solidarity, raise awareness about the impact of violence, and advocate for positive change in our neighborhoods. It is a time for healing, remembrance, and support for those who have been affected by these heartbreaking events. 


  • Peace in Range Anti-Violence

  • Buffalo Against Domestic Violence

  • Securing Our Sisters

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Sign Petition for #SAFERYOUTHACT

Join the push to strengthen a New York State law for "runaway" children. #SAFERYOUTHACT would ensure more resources are used to help locate children who are missing. Your signature will encourage legislatures to address these concerns:


  • Provide a substantial increase to the percentage of resources allocated to grass root initiatives and law enforcement agencies

  • Mandate law enforcement to post "runaways" at 25 hours of report filing

  • Stricken how schools document & report absenteeism

  • Require schools and educational institutions, centers, such as sporadic offsite after school programs to create and update annual photo identification databases (without digital alteration) for current year amongst active enrolled student body and submit to NamUs upon from receipt of missing report from local law enforcement

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Two reasons #SAFERYOUTHACT must be enacted

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