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WHAT Started This.

Bury The Violence (BTV Foundation Inc. ) is a nonprofit organization that’s been serving the community since 2103. We started as a 100% successful search and rescue task force locating missing, runaway, exploited & trafficked community members as their family or loved ones reached out for assistance.

On Sunday, September 13th, 2013, my sister called me about my oldest Niece not being accounted for. After a series of character questions, I felt there was something wrong. When you know the norms for someone are abnormal, it’s time to formulate & execute a plan. That’s how our story began. 

BTV Foundation Inc. has shifted from the streets, gutters; traps of Buffalo NY, and surrounding areas to complete online to provide resources worldwide.  

We’re a plethora of information & we’re working on projects that may fit your needs if our partnering community Resources can’t.

We Fight For Your Children So They Can Be Free, From What’s Silenced Culturally.